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Y&H 600W Solar Grid Tie Micro Inverter Waterproof IP65 MPPT DC28-50V PV Input AC240V Output for 30V 36V Solar Panel

Y&H 600W Solar Grid Tie Micro Inverter Waterproof IP65 MPPT DC28-50V PV Input AC240V Output for 30V 36V Solar Panel

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Brand: Y&H


  • Microinverters turn the power from your solar panels into usable electricity. Single-phase microinverters are usually used in residential and small commercial environments(Support single-phase or three-phase connection)
  • We have improved the AC wiring solution. Configure converters for faster installation. Avoid the risk of miswiring the fire, zero and ground wires.Meanwhile, the DC input is designed with MC4 connector to avoid reversing the positive and negative terminals. (Some customers extend the solar panel cable so that the positive and negative polarity is reversed)
  • Grid Tie Inverter can monitor in real time the power generated by the inverter through the AC digital meter.(Voltage, current, active power, electrical energy, frequency, power factor)No fire risk and electric shock during installation and operation due to low DC voltage(up to 50V) compared with at least 200V from string inverters
  • Grid Tie Solar Inverter suitable for 2X250W-300W 36V solar panel (Vmp30-39V; Voc36-50V) Vmp = working voltage; Voc = open circuit voltage.Optimized for high powered 60-cell and 72-cell* modules.Each MC4 branch cannot exceed 300W
  • Stackable Connection;High precision phase detection;Over and under voltage protection; Over and under frequency protection; Islanding protection.Almost no maintenance work is required, clean the dust on the photovoltaic panel occasionally.

Binding: Electronics

model number: WVC-600W-220V-LCD

Part Number: WVC-600W-220V-LCD

Details: WVC series inverter Using IP65 waterproof streamline design which effectively prevent rainwater on the surface erosion, built-in high-performance maximum power point tracking MPPT function better able to track changes in the solar luminosity and control different output power, effectively capture and collect sunlight AC electric power transmission using the reverse transmission technology. The inverter output power can provide load priority use, extra electricity to the grid, Efficiently turns sunlight into clean and green power. Paramenters: Model:WVC-600W Rated voltage:240V Recommend PV:2*250~300W Reccommend PV (Voc):34~50V DC MPPT Tracking voltage:28~40V DC Maxi Input Current:26A Rated output current:2.39A Max units per branch:10PCS Rrequency:Auto switch 50/60Hz Ambient temperature:- 40℃to +65℃ Dimensions:283mm×200mm×41.6mm Weight:1.56kg Cooling:Self-cooling Certificate:CE

EAN: 0746608396137

Package Dimensions: 13.6 x 9.7 x 4.6 inches

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