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Duracell Lawn & Garden Battery - Group Size U1

Duracell Lawn & Garden Battery - Group Size U1

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From the hottest months of summer to the seemingly-endless cold winters, rely on Duracell® Lawn & Garden Battery - Group Size U1 to keep all your devices running as needed. It's the perfect battery for lawnmowers, tractors and more, powering superior devices

About Duracell Lawn & Garden Battery - Group Size U1

The Duracell Lawn & Garden Battery is a popular choice for people across the country thanks to an array of reliable features. It's perfect for powering 12-volt lawnmowers, recreational vehicles, garden tractors and other outdoor items with small engines, such as electric fences and electric garden pumps. This lawn and garden battery has cold cranking amps at 0, which means that even in frosty weather conditions, this battery can swiftly make motors pumping and the device ready to use without stalling, seizing or rattling. It's also calcium-maintenance free, so there's no need to mix in water, risk acid spillage and misplace vent caps.

What Can This Lawn Battery Power?

There are so many uses that people put their Duracell Lawn & Garden Battery to. Some of the most common uses that we know of include:

  • to power their lawnmowers
  • in all brands of yard tractors
  • to make their all-terrain vehicles operational
  • to power their portable generators
  • inside lawn irrigation systems

Who Needs Duracell Lawn & Garden Battery - Group Size U1?

Anyone who does plenty of work in their garden and outdoor enthusiasts in general. They're a hit with farmers who rely on a fleet or highly-operation devices year-round. Landscapers also love these durable batteries as people rely on the functionality of their machinery to keep their lawns and gardens pristine. Whether you do lawn maintenance as a hobby or as a profession, having Duracell Lawn & Garden Batteries on hand can help ensure your devices are up and running consistently and achieving their full power, no matter what the weather or rough terrain has to say about it.

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