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Duracell AGM Powersport Battery - ETX20L 310

Duracell AGM Powersport Battery - ETX20L 310

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The Duracell® AGM Powersport® Battery-ETX20L is a high-performance battery designed to power your off-road and other recreational vehicles for years.

Where Are the Terminals on a Duracell AGM Battery?

This Duracell battery has terminals molded into the top. The position makes the connection more on the side than straight up. Unlike other types of AGM battery, there is not a second positive post on this model. The positive post is on the right with negative on the left.

Which Vehicles Does the Duracell AGM Powersport Battery-ETX20L Fit?

The Duracell AGM Powersport Battery – ETX20L is designed for motorcycles, UTVs, PWC, ATVs and snowmobiles. You may be able to use them as an AGM car battery but check with your vehicle's manufacturer recommendation to ensure you get the appropriate battery size and style for your automobile.

Do You Need to Maintain Duracell Battery?

The Duracell AGM automotive battery is a completely sealed design as it uses absorbed glass mat technology to power the unit. It only requires a small amount of sulfuric acid to soak the fiberglass mat. As it is sealed, there is no need to add acid or water to it. There is also less of hazard to transport. They also sit in storage longer before needing to charge because they are less prone to sulfation. You can also recycle these batteries, making them environmentally friendly.

In What Temperatures Does AGM Battery Work?

An AGM car battery can work in extreme temperatures. It can start in as low as 0°F with a cold crank amp of 310. It is a 12-volt battery with a 10 amp hour rate of 17.5. This model is made for the extreme temperatures that can occur across the globe. You can quickly recharge this model if necessary. It would be best if you used a charger designed for AGM batteries.

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