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3000W Peak 9000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter DC 24V AC to 120V with Battery AC Charger,Off Grid Solar Inverter, Low Frequency RV Inverter

3000W Peak 9000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter DC 24V AC to 120V with Battery AC Charger,Off Grid Solar Inverter, Low Frequency RV Inverter

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  • Continuous 3000 Watt Peak 9000 watts low frequency pure sine power inverter,110V/120V AC output
  • Working Mode(optional): 1.AC Input Priority; 2.Battery Prioritye; 3.ECO Mode; 4.Generator Mode; 5.Unattended Mode;Remote panel available
  • High-definition LCD display,full-vision real-time monitoring data,UPS 5-10msec typical transfer time
  • Adjustable charge current off-0%-100%, Five Stage Smart Charger, 35A battery AC charger max Support lifep04,Sealed Gel AGM Flooded Lithium, Sealed, Gel, and Flooded Batteries
  • Charging current and charging voltage can be adjusted;customizable voltage for low voltage protection and voltage for low voltage recovery

Product Description

Ampinvt 3000W Low Frequency Inverter 24VDC TO 120VAC Parameter

Rated Power: 3000W
Peak Power: 9000W
AC Input : 120VAC ± 25% 60hz ±5hz
AC Output: 120V±3% 60hz±0.5hz
Wave Form: Pure Sine Wave
Battery Voltage: 24VDC
Battery Type: Gel / SLA / Water / Lithium(LifePo4) battery
DC Charge Voltage: 20-32VDC
Overcharge Protection: ≥32VDC
Max AC Charge Current: 35A , 0%-100% can be adjusted
Communication Port: RS485, available for wifi box & external control screen (need to buy extra)
Operating Temperature: 0-60℃
Transfer Time: ≤4ms
W. 1 year

What kind of the inverter is suitable for your appliances?

Please know that load is divided into resistive load and inductive load .If you need the inverter to run the resistive load (like laptop, TV, electric cooker ), please choose the inverter with continuous power higher than the appliance's rated power. And it is best to use 80% of the rated power. If you use microwaves,water pumps, air conditioners and other appliances with motors or compressors ,please choose the inverter whose continuous power is 3-10 times higher than your appliances.


  • This Power inverter is able to charge the battery bank when AC power is connected to the inverter.
  • 3000 watt is continuous output power, peak output power is 9000W
  • This inverter can ONLY work with 24V battery system.
  • Inverter CAN NOT support connect in parallel.
  • Inverter MUST have a battery, and the battery MUST be connected first

Five Woking Model:

1. AC/Line priority mode -- always use ac power as priority input, provide ac output, and automatically charge the battery.

2. Battery priority mode -- Priority should be given to battery power supply. After low voltage protection, the battery will be transferred to market power supply. When the battery is full, the battery will be transferred back to battery power.

3. ECO Mode---Load < 10% automatic sleep and stop output, load > 10% automatic boot back to normal inversion.

4. Generator mode -- use unstable generator 120V to generate power, access the inverter AC input, through the inverter AVR regulator, automatic matching 50HZ/60HZ municipal frequency, output voltage regulator in the normal operating range.

5. Unattended Mode---When the battery is low voltage, the inverter goes into standby state(Power saving state). When the battery restores the voltage value set by yourself (such as solar charging), the inverter will restore the normal output of the inverter, and realize unattended full automatic operation!

Battery System Voltage 12V 12V 24V 48V
Rated Power 2000W 3000W 3000W 6000W
AC Input 120V±25% 120V±25% 120V±25% 120V±25%
AC Output 120V±3% 120V±3% 120V ±3% 120V/240V ±3%
LCD Display
Package Dimension 60*38*17 cm 60*38*17 cm 60*38*17 cm 77.5*38*27.5 cm
Weight 19kg 21kg 21kg 36kg
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